Danko Lettering Name Patch

Danko Lettering Name Patch

Danko Lettering/Name Patches can be placed on all brands of turnout gear. Up to 12 characters for 2" letters/numbers. Up to eight characters for 3" letters/numbers. Patches measure 4" high x 15" length.

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Price: $35.00

Danko Lettering/Name Patches can be placed on all brands of turnout gear. All Danko name patches will contain only CAPITAL letters that are sewn on to your choice of name patch.
Patches are available up to 12 spaces for 2" letters/numbers or up to 8 spaces for 3" letters/numbers.  Blank spaces between lettering count as 1 space.
If your name contains the letter "I" then it might be possible to add an additional letter. You may combine 2" and 3" letters on the same patch.
Please make sure to check our color guide by clicking on the “View Detailed Images” link under the photo to assist you with the proper color selection or feel free to give us call if you are unsure.
Most turnout gear will have a tag on the inside of the outer shell which may help determine fabric choice.  Look for the  “outer shell” or “OS” line. This will not tell color of fabric, only type of fabric. All manufactures use the same fabrics types. Older gear may appear slightly different or “faded” in color compared to new fabric.
  • “Sew on” -  This patch measures 4” high x 15” in length. They are hemmed and will need to be sewn on turnout gear.
  • “Velcro” – This patch is a removable lettering patch, measuring 4" high x 15" length, “hook” side of the Velcro is sewn on to your choice of name patch.  “Loop” side of Velcro is included and needs to be sewn on to turnout gear.
  • “Hanging” – This is a tail patch that hangs from the bottom of your turnout coat, measuring 5.5" high x 15" length, 1” Velcro “hook” is sewn on top of patch and have 4 “male” or “stud” snaps evenly spaced along the top. “Female” or “socket” snaps are included.
If you already have snaps and/or Velcro on your gear then send us measurements of the length and width of Velcro attachment on your coat.  Also the size of the Velcro along with spacing of the snaps. Sending a picture is a very big help when matching new patches to previously made attachments.
Special size patches may be ordered.
Please call or email before ordering any special requests or any questions you may have.
Danko name patches are individually custom made and CAN NOT be returned. Manufacturing time can vary, but generally your order will ship in approximately 10-14 business days.
For questions or to submit photos of existing patches or attachments 
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