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Fat Ivan Door Chock

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Commercial Applications
FatIvan proves useful in any Industry or Occupation where it is necessary to temporarily hold open a door. With its’ fold-up design you will be able to easily carry FatIvan in your pocket, in your toolbox, or on your cleaning cart. When ready to use simply unfold FatIvan, open the door and slip FatIvan over any hinge; the top, the middle, the bottom, it doesn’t matter. FatIvan will work on them all!

Just fully insert FatIvan over the hinge then let go and walk on through. Your FatIvan will do the job and never fail! You will be able to keep your FatIvan magnetized to any metal surface for easy storage. With its embedded magnets you will never lose FatIvan wondering where it could be. It will always be there for you; magnetized to a delivery door you use all the time, or magnetized to your toolbox or cleaning cart. The
magnets even allow you to keep a door open only partially by enabling you to magnetize FatIvan directly to the hinge thereby letting the door close just a little more. FatIvan is versatile, functional and durable. With FatIvan your cleaning staff will have the knowledge that they are safe. A door will not shut behind them while in a room cleaning. They will not have to worry about ending up in a compromising position.
Safety is in our DNA.

 Hotel Cleaning
 Restaurant Delivery
 Moving Industry
 Carpet Cleaners
 Restoration Industry
 LTL Trucking
 Subcontractors/DIY

Residential Applications
FatIvan is a great tool to have for home use. Whenever you need to bring something through a door you can count on FatIvan. Whether it’s coming home from the store and needing the door held open for multiple trips in with groceries, or it’s needing to get a ladder inside to change a light bulb, FatIvan will be there, magnetized to your door, ready for action. Simply open the door, unfold FatIvan, and hang over the hinge to keep the door fully open. No more struggling to get the door open with your hands full. No more having the door slam on your pets as you go in and out of the door. FatIvan is
secure, proving to be an ‘extra hand’ when you need it mostt. Also great in the summer months for cross ventilation. Put FatIvan in a front door and another FatIvan in a rear door to get the nice summer breeze blowing through your house. All without worrying about doors slamming shut hurting property or pets! Trust FatIvan to keep your doors open safely and securely.

 Bringing in groceries
 Carrying supplies
 Cross Ventilation

Color: Yellow