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PGI BarriAire Gold Hood - Critical Coverage

by PGI
SKU PGI3979471-1
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Particulate coverage from base of the neck and around entire head except for Sure-Fit™ panel at crown. All critical areas of particulate penetration as identified by NFPA have particulate barrier.


  • Proprietary PGI Gold FR Fabric For Excellent Heat, Flame & Thermal Resistance With Superior Tensile & Tear Strength For Longer Wear Life
  • Lightweight With Exceptional Breathability, Weight Similar to Hoods Without a Particulate Barrier
  • Unlike Laminated PTFE Barrier Hoods, BarriAire™ Gold Hoods Are Quiet & Allow Excellent Hearing. Laminated PTFE Hoods Are Annoyingly Loud Making a Crackle Noise With Virtually Every Movement, Adversely Affecting Communication & Situational Awareness
  • Uniquely Quilted to Stabilize & Enhance Particulate Barrier Durability
  • Exceeds Industry Standards of Blocking 90% of Particles Between 0.1 & 1.0 Microns in Size
  • Inner Fabric Engineered to Wick Moisture From Skin, Through Fabric, to Outer Shell Where it Evaporates For a Drier More Comfortable Experience
  • Outer Shell Fabric Features a Proprietary DWR Finish Which Allows Hood to Dry 2x-3x Faster Than Non-Treated Fabrics, Reduces Build-Up of Toxic Residue That is Easily Absorbed by Non-Treated Fabrics & Enhances The Release of Contaminates During Washing
  • Fabric Designed With a Softer Hand & is Hypoallergenic Making it More Comfortable Next to The Skin
  • Built-in Stretch & Recovery, to Better Conform to The Head & Neck For True One Size Fits All Sizing
  • Attractive Gold Color Allows You to Detect When The Hood’s Soiled & Needs Cleaning
  • Fabric is Inherently Static Resistant
  • Generous Cut With a Little “Ease” Built Into The Design so The Hood Doesn’t Fit Skin Tight - Creates a Layer of Air Between The Hood & Head Which Improves Thermal Resistance From Flame & Heat
  • Stronger, Less Bulky Stitching - All Sewing & Quilting Done With CRAQ SPUN® AR Meta-Aramid Thread
  • Extra-Long Length (23") Front & Back, Ensures Hood Stays Tucked-in Even After Laundry Shrinkage