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RescueTECH Fire & Rescue Training Manikin

SKU RES2395001005
Original price $300.00 - Original price $1,275.00
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$300.00 - $1,275.00
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Rugged, realistic in size, weight distribution and handling characteristics. Manufactured using a flexible inner core, an outer shell, and protective overall. The inner core is weighted to human proportions using 4.4 lb. packets of aggregate. For structural integrity, the packets are sewn to a nylon “inner dummy” with all the body parts (arms, legs, chest, etc.) held in place with polypropylene webbing. The outer layer is 15 oz. Rot-resistant Canvas. All seams are double stitched and are reinforced with high density polypropylene webbing for improved abrasion. The included protective coveralls protect the manikin from dirt and abrasion and are reinforced with high density polypropylene webbing in high stress areas. All manikins 44 lbs. and up are supplied with lug sole boots that are secured to the manikin.

Part #  Description Weight Height
RES2395001005 Infant 11 lbs. 2'3"
RES2395001010 Toddler 22 lbs. 2'10"
RES2395001020 Youth 44 lbs. 4'3"
RES2395001020A X-Large Adult 44 lbs. 5'11"
RES2395001030 Light Adult 66 lbs. 5'11"
RES2395001050 Standard Adult 110 lbs. 5'11"
RES2395001070 Heavy Adult 154 lbs. 5'11"
RES2395001090 X-Heavy Adult 198 lbs. 5'11"


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Size: Infant 11 LBS.