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Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter - Package

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Passenger cars are becoming safer, but as safety increases for the occupant, more potential obstacles are created for rescue personnel. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require that beginning September 2017, all new cars and light trucks will have laminated glass throughout the vehicle. With patients at, near, or even impaled in the glass, rescue personnel need a tool for removing laminated glass that is both safe and efficient.

The Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® is that tool. The Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® is specifically designed to minimize the risk of injury, for both the occupant and user. Staying within the “Golden Hour” is the barometer for patient survival. At We Cut The Glass, LLC we developed the Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® with these important points in mind. Some of the important features of the tool include:

  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Minimal Cabin Protrusion (<1”)
  • Remarkable Maneuverability (Cutting Close Corners)
  • Consistent Glass Edges (Fundamentally Smooth)
  • Cutting Action That is Away From Patient & User
  • Heavy Glass Debris Field Absent Shards or Stars

The Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® runs on a very powerful Lithium-ion battery. These batteries have one of the best energy densities, almost no memory effect, and only a slow loss-of-charge when not in use. This means that you will get the response you need when you need it. The Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® blades are made with maximum hardness high grade tool steel and users should expect to cut up to about 100 windshields. With all these features, the Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter® is quickly becoming the tool of choice for all laminated glass removal.


  • (1) Rhyno 2 Windshield Cutter Tool
  • (2) 14.4 V Lithium-ion Batteries
  • (1) 14.4 VAC, 1/2 Hour Smart Charger
  • (1) Cutter Blade Wrench

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