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SPHAG SORB Absorbent

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SPHAG SORB is an absorbent material with a unique versatility superior to any of the traditional absorbents available on the market today. A single absorbent material capable of absorbing almost every type of liquid from any type of land surface, and effectively removing hydrocarbons from a water surface as well. Being a natural and organic absorbent also provides a wider variety of options for disposal.

SPHAG SORB effectively absorbs oil, gas, diesel, antifreeze, paints, solvents, light acids, and most organic chemicals.

On land simply use a stiff broom and shovel or mechanical loader to handle the absorbent material. On water a "screened" apparatus or suction device can be used to remove saturated SPAH SORB from the water.

SPHAG SORB can be incinerated or land filled where regulations permit. 

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