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TFT Tornado RC Monitor

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The Tornado RC is very compact yet it has a large 2.25" waterway, capable of flowing up to 500 gpm, making it the ideal bumper turret. Waterway with turning vane has only 19 psi (1.3 bar) friction loss at 500 gpm (1,900 lpm). Elevation range is 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below. Field changeable elevation travel stops at 45 degrees above and 20 degrees below horizontal. Horizontal travel is 370 degrees (185 degrees either side of a center position). Field changeable horizontal travel stops to give 180 degrees (90 degrees either side of a center position). Designed for 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation, selection is automatic. The Tornado RC comes with a control panel on the monitor for horizontal rotation, elevation, nozzle pattern, programmable PARK and Oscillate. The motor control circuits use position encoders and current limiting to protect the drive train at the ends of travel. Unit has waterproof factory installed plug on power wire for easy removal or reinstallation. Knobs for manual override is provided on the horizontal rotation and elevation drive. Electric drives and circuit box are waterproof Main waterway made from hard-coat anodized ANSI 356-T6 aluminum Silver powder-coat finish inside and out Various inlets are available Locking quick connect inlets and outlets allows for quick removal of the Tornado for installations such as bumper mounting, where the monitor must be removed to tilt the cab of the truck.

8.25"w x 17.8"h

Weighs 25lbs

Call for Availability - 866.568.2200